Tim Higgins


"When the time came to build our new custom home, my wife and I understood the importance of working with experienced, competent and dedicated home builders. The team of Orlowski and Hansen were highly recommended to us and we chose them to build our highly energy efficient modern Texas ranch style home located in a private airpark community. It was truly a pleasure working with Orlowski and Hansen and our new home has been built to exceed our expectations. From the architectural design stage, through the final construction and move in phase the team of Orlowski and Hansen were dedicated to providing us with a beautiful new home built with outstanding quality, specially designed to suit the needs of our family. We are also confident that Orlowski and Hansen made extra efforts to insure that our home was built in a manner so as to provide us with the most home for our money."


"Now that our home is complete, we are extremely satisfied with the final outcome. We highly recommend the team of Orlowski and Hansen, and we endorse their homes without reservation. Their knowledge and experience combined with a dedicated hands on approach to home building insure that their clients will receive quality homes, built to meet their special needs, at a cost which guarantees them to enjoy a healthy return on their investment."


Craig & Suzie Cosgray


"Orlowski & Hansen built my 4,200 sq.ft. home in Barton Creek Lakeside near Austin."


"Let me tell you how things went... they had a supervisor on site at all times, issues were solved before large problems evolved. Communication was constant, the quality of the sub-contractors was superb... my punch list was very small and follow-up was excellent. I sincerely believe I have the best built home in the neighborhood... you will not find better builders."


Jeff & Mary Bauer of Lorena, Texas


"In our search to find a homebuilder to bring our dream home to reality, my wife and I found two! Jason Orlowski and Jeff Hansen. This duo not only work together, they are two gentlemen that bring personal pride to work with them every day. They strive to work with and for the home owner. Conscientious of their craftsmanship, these two are trustworthy in their labor. We are so proud to have them as our homebuilders and we feel sure you would too."


Sunny & Billie Everett


"Orlowski & Hansen did a remarkable job in building our ranch house. From the beginning when they drafted our plans to the final walk-through, everything was handled in a very professional manner. The entire process was free of stress and we are glad we chose them as our builder. We would highly recommend Orlowski & Hansen."


Will & Maureen Everett


"We purchased a custom home built by Orlowski & Hansen and have been extremely pleased with the overall craftsmanship. The high quality, attention to detail and excellent communication throughout and after the closing made this a wonderful experience. We are very blessed to have purchased this home and now consider Jason and Jeff friends."


Adam & Tiffany Benton: Our New Home Built by Orlowski and Hansen, November 2011


"November 11, 2011 was the day my family had been looking forward to for a very long time. That is the day we were able to move into our new custom home built by Orlowski and Hansen. From the day we first contacted Orlowski and Hansen we were treated with the utmost respect and genuine care."


"After modifying our plans several times we were finally ready to start the building process. Everything about the entire process was top notch and couldn’t have gone easier. At any time, Jeff or Jason were available to take my phone calls and I always came away from each conversation feeling that our house was their number one priority."


"Orlowski and Hansen were extremely flexible in allowing us to make changes, additions, or subtractions to the plans as the house began to come together. They were always straightforward in explaining to us how these changes would affect the look and feel of the home as well as our quoted price to build."


"Jeff or Jason were at the jobsite daily. Many times I was able to stop and get a complete explanation of what was happening at that point and time and what I could expect in the future."


"When we got close to completion we began the punch list process and sometimes I felt as though we were being far too picky. Jeff assured me every time that we were not being too picky and he wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible. "


"Our overall experience was one that I will never forget because it was absolutely wonderful. I have suggested Orlowski and Hansen to multiple family members and friends and currently have an uncle and brother in law whose chose to use Orlowski and Hansen to build their custom home. Everyone should have the same experience in building a home as we did. If you want a custom home builder that completely and positively redefines the home building process, then let Orlowski and Hansen help you realize your dreams. "


"A completely satisfied customer."